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My ex-wife is from Brasil and I lived there for seven years. It wasn't planned but the green & yellow colors are a perfect match for the bandeira brasileira [brazilian flag].

I still have a lot of love for brasil, the people, food and culture.
I feel a name change coming on.
Abraço [means hug, a common way of ending a conversation]
After much consideration I've decided to name this bicycle after my dear ex-mother in law, Dona Regina.
She was a lovely woman who lived a good, long life and left us shortly after her 94th birthday.
2014 Acros Regina-110.jpg

Sunday bike rides would often end at her little apartment and we would eat and visit before heading home. She was wise and loving and I miss her still.
I played around with photoshop and have come up with a first draft of the chain guard that will honor her name.


Te amo, mãe.
More to come but working 4-10's these days.
Smile and hug your mom for me.
Installed a V brake off of an Electra Townie, fits the fork posts better than the Shimano I had intended to use.
Reversed the cable stop and clamp bolt on the rear beach caliper I have so it will [maybe] work as a down pull. Would simplify cabling a lot.
I have a couple choices for V brake levers for the front and I'm trying to match up one similar for the rear caliper. Sheldon helped me know the difference.


22mm cable pull for the caliper, 35mm cable pull for the V brake!

Roughed in the rear derailleur housing with old Shimano cable clamps. Need a smaller one for the chain stay though.
Até mais, abraço.

PS: Learning Portuguese was tough but I am comfortable with it now and intend to slip it in now and then throughout the build:
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I got off work early yesterday and pick uped cable housings for Regina.
I cut and threaded the mounting post for the rear caliper brake and installed an Amazon lever that looks similar to the Deore V brake lever.

"Roughed in" the shifter cable with some Shimano cable clamps, electrical tape and stainless safetey wire. I hoard those clamps when I find them at the collective. I leave the cables and housings long because if you decide to change handlebars or stems later they will sometimes be too short.


I used a Huret derailleur hanger from another old Schwinn for the mock up but it does not allow proper mounting of the Shimano rear.
Google and the Bicycle Collective to the rescue once more!
Huet derailleur hanger.jpg
SunRace derailleur hanger.jpg

The bolt-on hanger also interferes with with the small cog so I set the limit screw to essentially give me a 1x8 drivetrain.

With the brakes and drailleur "operable" I was able to take Regina out for her first shakedown ride on a beautiful May afternoon.

I limited shifting to two middle gears, the fork seems to offer about a half inch of travel, V brake works well and the rear caliper is rather vague as mentioned earlier. Still a fun first ride with lots of time to sort things out.

With my "Trevor vs Jacob" body-type, the Wald #945-15" seatpost allowed me to ride without knocking my teeth out with my knees.
Trevor v Jacob.jpg

Green B*st*rd approved.

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Wow! You might be the first 'test rider' of a build this season! I always love to see the bikes being ridden out in the world, 'rolling art' as we sometimes say around this Forum.

Coming together nicely! RaT oN~!
My build is still lying on its side, while I work on minor parts.

*le sigh*

My first ride will have to wait...

But your bike is looking very nice, and it is funny that only the other day I thought about getting a frame similar to yours down to go with my similar, although cheaper and shabbier, forks. Yours is simply looking nicely elegant!
Speedy and cool build you got going on here. Nice modern upgrades and they are working well with the old frame. Nice work!
Also... I have completed my first attempt at refurbishing a AW hub. I'll tell ya it's a lot easier than I had expected with help from multiple sources.

Also... the Sturmey hub is going back on Regina. I bought a pair of used Araya VP-20 wheels and laced one up with Mr. Sturmey-Archer.
I got started on truing it up. I think I'll just service the front hub (QR) and install her on the Rat Shox.


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Nice work! You actually had a little rust in there. The hardest part is not losing any of the pieces. I dropped one of those little pawl springs and found it 3 days later. I also lost one of these plastic rings (or maybe someone before me lost it). Anyways, it doesn’t work very well without it.
Nice work! You actually had a little rust in there. The hardest part is not losing any of the pieces. I dropped one of those little pawl springs and found it 3 days later. I also lost one of these plastic rings (or maybe someone before me lost it). Anyways, it doesn’t work very well without it.
I, too, lost a pawl spring, those things are gossamer. A little bit of rust compared to a lot of hubs I've seen on videos, De-Rusto'ed all. Phil's tenacious and white lithium on reassembly.
You may have already figured this out, but I found this from Sheldon Brown to be extremely helpful. I would not have figured this on out on my own.

“The right-hand cone (on the sprocket side) is fixed in position when the hub is assembled and must not be disturbed for wheel adjustment in the normal way. When re-assembling the hub after dismantling for inspection or repair, the right-hand cone should be screwed home until it is finger-tight, then unscrewed half a turn and finally locked with the special lock washer and locknut. On no account should it be unscrewed more than half a turn as this will upset the setting of the gears. Wheel adjustment is then made in the normal way with the left-hand cone. If the right-hand cone races are being inspected without removing the internals from the hub shell, the left-hand cone must first be screwed well back so that it does not interfere with the re-setting of the right-handcone.”