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May 2, 2011
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I was going to sit out the build off this year out due to a lack of free time . Then I found this challenging bike to build at a bike show this past weekend . I’m going to try to rebuild it any way so why not enter the build off . My timing is always off for my build off choices . I build Muscle bikes in the Summer and tank bikes when the Muscle bike build off is happening it seems . This Is one of my worst starting points for a build I have taken on lots of rust . The paint is painted over a yucky yellow color . I’m going to attempt to rescue the original paint . That is a tall order. Rear drop out is bent also . The fork will be fun to repair .
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Todays progress . After cutting and torching off the bad parts .And removing some of the yucky repaint color. I’m now soaking the bottom bracket in Evaporust. Lost the sissy bar I had no choice other than cut it in half to remove it . This was the right decision one side would have never have come out on its own .
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You are an animal!!! That is a tall order, but I have faith you can do this! Go get ‘em Tank!!!

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That BB has definitely seen it's better days!
I agree but I am impressed on how much intact everything is around the bracket the bracket appears to be quite strong after removing the rust it’s pitted but strong I think I lucked out on that. If it goes south I’ll just rebuild stretch the frame and enter the bike in the other class. Lol
I love that technique of respraying over the original paint. It gives it a certain depth. Looks good on there~!
I love that technique of respraying over the original paint. It gives it a certain depth. Looks good on there~!
My reason to go over the original paint is it makes the bike so you can wet sand and bring back some of the patina and de stress the paint in places you want to . I did fill a lot of the paint chips with paint before spraying to make the paint more even also . Thank you for your compliment.
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All rust buckets need to be saved !! always love this frame design
Love these frames. The resurrection is coming along nicely.
This my end of the day progress . I’m not sold on these bars . I like the Road Runner Bars better . Auctially could use two sets of nice Iverson Road Runner bars . I used to find them on a certain Excersise bike at one time . Haven’t seen any in about 5 years now.
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