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View attachment 99687 View attachment 99683 This my end of the day progress . I’m not sold on these bars . I like the Road Runner Bars better . Auctially could use two sets of nice Iverson Road Runner bars . I used to find them on a certain Excersise bike at one time . Haven’t seen any in about 5 years now.

Switch the right and left, then point them to the outside rather than towards the rider?????

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Steering tube I decide to add a couple of bolts to secure it more . Because I’m using the tube for the handle bars .
Man, this bike is looking sweet. I like the bars you had with the tape on them the best.
I also have a set of those road runner bars from an exercise bike. I'll try to locate them.
Tanks, you deserve accolades for this one! Really transformed it into a very cool muscle bike!
In the event I do t get any further this will be my entry photo. I’m in the process of gathering more parts that I don’t think I’ll have before the build off ends . Thank you to all that commented and checked out my build !

View attachment 100311
Then please put up a finished thread with that picture as the first one in your first post, so we can vote on this nice little drag stripper... ;-)
Unfortunately i wasnt able to add this one to the list. By the time ir came in, i was at a point where the way the polls work, ir doesn't allow for any adding, editi g, ir deleting of poll choices.

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