Dudley Mass. Swap 11/30

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I will be coming off the Cape that Sunday. Maybe I will come in on the 2nd or 3rd wave.I will have bikes having (hopefully) ridden with Greylock over
the Thanksgiving Day holiday. I will be with family so it could be tricky.:39:
I might go. I don't need anything, but that never stopped me.

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Brian, how would you feel about a planned ride on the day of the swap? We could have it before/during or after the swap.
I’ll be there too; with one to ride…
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How does that work? Bring your own table? Pay for your spot when the owner comes around to collect?

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Looking for a "Ramshorn" or equivalent type handlebar for a project. Hopefully it won't be too cold - but if it is, we'll ride anyway! :)

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