Dudley Mass. Swap 11/30

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Bringing 4 bikes...3 to sell.
For Sale:
24" Schwinn Hollywood- $20
3pd Norman- $50
Columbia Playbike Frame- $30

I want a table but I won't fill it...anyone wanna split?
So who's going?

I'll be there...about 90% sure I'll have a table set up if anyone needs a spot to put stuff.
Just packed everything. If I sell everything for what I'm asking I'll make $204...in reality I'll make probably $100 if I sell some of the bikes! :blush:
Hey Brian, this is my first time being a vendor. What do I do, just pull up, tell Mike I'm a vendor, and unload??
There are a few tables there but they go quick so best to bring one. Just show up,enter through the main entrance to the flea and set up in any spot not taken. Mike will come around at some point to collect so no need to go looking for him.
What time are you getting there? I was planning on being there for 6 o clock.
I already set up so Im sleeping in, probably wont get there to 5:30ish :crazy:

You're nuts man...nuts! :rofl:

Last Dudley Swap I went to was about 3 years ago and I was pretty disappointed with the turnout. I hope it's gonna be a good one tomorrow and worth buying a vending spot!

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