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Mar 30, 2010
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San Diego, Ca
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Since there's no Dyno thread, I might as well start one. Let's see your Dynos, custom or stock.
Here's my 2004 Dyno Ultra Glide. I added springer forks, an Electra low-profile saddle, chrome pike nuts on the fenders and seat, and a laid-back seat post.

I'm digging the Dynos. I've just recently come across a motoglide frame that I've got some plans for but I have a couple questions for you Dyno guys.

Is it a 1 inch or 1 1/8?

What is the widest rim and tire I can put on the back without getting into the chain?

I'm wanting a multi speed hub for the back, What should I be looking for?

ok thats three but all I got for now
My Moto Glide and my Deuce were 1 1/8" and the little Dyno and the Roadster were 1". The Deuce has the widest rim of all mine it's a 60 mm/2 1/2" with a 24x3" Quick Brick and it just fits. I like the nexus hubs, personally. I'm runninf a Nexus 4 roller hub, a Nxus 7 coaster and a Nexus 3 coaster on my Dynos.
Clown thanks for the info. I really like the looks of the wide rim and tire combo on the Bomber thats the look I'm shooting for with my build. It's time to start shopping for parts.
Here's my updated Dyno Ultra Glide.
I added gloss black powdercoated springer forks and a chrome bell as well as the custom 'sawblade' washer on the front.
Lucky for me, I noticed an ad for custom machined metal bolts and nuts on Ebay. That's where I got the chrome 'pike' nuts that are on the fenders and seat.
I'm still looking for a side badge for the tank, just like every other Dyno tank owner, hehe.


siberian said:
what's difference between Kustom Kruiser and Dyno?
I have Kustom Kruiser frame based cruiser viewtopic.php?f=6&t=27071.
Don't quote me on this but I assume it was a name change after Pacific or someone bought out Dyno. Someone here will know for sure (so why did I even bother to post? :D )
Yep, Pacific bought Dyno (Schwinn, GT and I think Mongoose). They changed the name to Kustom Kruisers. Frames are pretty much the same, parts can go back and forth.
The difference is that the Dyno Kustom Kruiser was a single model by GT and then changed to an entire line when GT was bought out by Pacific Cycle in 2004. Now there aren't any official 'Dyno' cruisers made anymore (Dynos have a 'D' on the tube behind the seat and above the back wheel). Instead, GT cruisers are now known as Kustom Kruisers and have a 'KK' where the 'D' used to be on the frame.
Unfortunately, the styling of most (not all) of the new KK cruisers aren't nearly as cool since the Dyno cruiser designer left GT and went to Nirve.

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