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ex-KK Deuce

Here's my Dyno Roadster. Pretty much stock except the whitewalls, i shaved the fender rivets and put studs on the under sides so the struts can still be unbolted, the NOS Egyptian license plate I had to have since it matches the paint scheme, and the grips and bars. The bars are 32" wide cruiser bars. I can't remember where I bought them but I want a few more sets!!! I have phantom headlight for it as well as a Mooneyes 39 ford devil head taillight that was supposed to go on it over 8 years ago but I guess other projects got in the way??
These are Scorcher tires. I was tring to find thier website, but can't find it. Thier pretty cool tires they are made with refective materials in them.

its a work and progress but this bike will look vintage some time soon :) ill take some more recent pictures this weekend when im at the shop



I recently put 9 LEDs in the front light but I hid them in the back so it still looks like its broken but it lights up great! there is also another 4 months of rust on it and its been RUSTED its sitting in some vine plants on the beach where sprinklers go on everyday! but its almost done just need to mount the fenders on it and put the chain back on, along with adjusting the tank and doing some more carving before I make it look like rusted metal.

I had one like your wife´s, but in blue black and white.
Got stolen from me back in 2001, had it for 3 months only :cry: :cry: :cry:
Greatest bike I had...
Hi!, new here from Argentina. As you can see in the pictures below I´m a true Dynomaniac!


I just became a member of this site and because i am a Dyno lover i am glad i found this Dyno topic.
I bought my Roadster like 10 years ago and it looked a mess...everything was rusted and the paint was in bad condition.
So last year i took it apart and started buying new parts...this year i brought it to a painter who did an amazing job.
The Roadster had to have a more rough look but with minimal elements....here is the result!!! Let me know what ya think!


Re: Dyno Rulez

kboross said:
Hi there !

I'm so love it, the Dynos, but here in the middle Europa so hard to take one...
But i have three. :wink:
First a Coaster with new paintjob, still in progress:

Looks great too...funny to see we had the same idea. Just bought a Deuce this weekend wich will be transformed too someday.

Second is a Glide:

I wanna so long is a tank, maybe i can do one...
Third my son's "NO_NOS, but beautiful" Glide Deluxe 24":