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Sep 23, 2017
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I`m starting with an old elgin bike and a new huffy bike, I plan to use as many new parts as I can in the old elgin frame. I`ve got the paint stripped off the frame and fork but not the fender. I thought I`d enter in class one while waiting for things on my class 2 build, here are some photo`s.
I painted the frame House of Rustoleum grape harvest ultra mat but I may clear it before I am done. I picked up a steel elgin robin tank for $20.00, it is solid enough for me to drill holes thru it to set over the seat post, just kidding, it`s a glass tank I paid $200.00 for a few years ago, the rear miss america fender is also glass, I will have to see if I can make these work on the frame.
I put the new parts from the huffy bike on the elgin frame and tried it out, it rides like a new bike, I don`t like the white I painted the front fender, I will have to come up with something else. Hmmm, I`m thinking but nothing happens!View attachment 98714
Paint it to match saddle, and pedals, aka light brown and I think it would fit in nicely.
(but your bike, just my 2 cents) [emoji6]

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Love it so far ! The girly Elgin's are some of my women bikes
Darn brain gas!, yes painting the fender to match the saddle and pedals is probably the way to go, paint probably wouldn`t last on the saddle and pedals if I chose to go another color on them.

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