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I made a rough copy of the back part of the rear fender and put it on the front fender to see what it will look like, it will take some trimming and work for fender braces if I choose to put them on. I will also have to becareful when turning and pedaling or my feet and pedals will hit the fender.
Have you thought about scaling back on the ducktail for the front fender? Unless you are always going straight, that fender is gonna beat up by pedalling.
I really do like the look of the front fender matching the rear fender but you are right it would get beat up. I may have to shorten it like you suggested.
If you use a duble springer or some other fork that puts the front wheel further away from the frame this would solve the front fender ussue. Because it looks phantastic. I also think the longer version looks even better.
I do have a springer fork but I wanted to use the old elgin fork with the frame, but that is a good idea, I will have to see how much trouble it is to use it as it is. With a longer fork I could use my long fender without much trouble, thanks.
Looks beautiful.
Just get some tiny kids bike crank arms and problem solved.
I am calling the elginator finished even though I ended up using the original elgin front fender. It rides just like a new bike because it is almost all new. I was hoping for better weather for better photo`s but it is misting out there. I don`t know how to add a link to my build so I will post a few photo`s in the finished catagory. How come cats get all the attention anyway, why isn`t there any dogagories or dogapults?, anyway I`ll be back for next year, thank you everyone.

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