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Dec 29, 2009
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Greenville, NC USA
1927 Elgin Motorbike built as an Indian boardtracker tribute....







Build thread:

ElgIndian's parts list:
Frame : 1927 Elgin Motorbike
Wheels : Murray with Bendix red band
Fork : Schwinn with Ford Model A leaf spring & brake components
Headbadge : Handmade/Handpainted
Fenders : What fenders?
Chain guard : Believed to be a Shelby
Crank : spare parts bin
Sprocket : Unknown, parts bin
Lights : Harley Davidson turn signal
Seat : Wright swap meet find
Stem : Schwinn
Pedals : Waffle Block Schwinn, Thanks to JD's Antique Bike Rescue
Bars : Modern Schwinn Comfort bike frame donated
Grips : Unknown, swap meet find
Kick stand : Unknown, came with the frame
Front tire : Sunlite/Kenda K927 Cream 26x2.125
Back tire : Sunlite/Kenda K927 Cream 26x2.125
Tank : Hardwood replica, handmade brass brackets
Seat post : No seatpost, one-off Ford Model A leaf spring
Thanks to Babits Bikes and JD's Antique Bike Rescue for the last-minute assistance

ALL work performed by ME! Fabrication, paint, lettering, pinstripes, bar wrap...TOTALLY IN-HOUSE!!

All photos were taken at an old railroad warehouse in the historic Warehouse District of Greenville, NC. It is currently owned by the university. All photos via my iPhone 6...

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Well done, very trick.
Custom leaf spring fork / rockers, wrapped bars, tank, pin striping, frame patina....well done all around Brett!:41:

....and some great 'parting shots' to boot!
The use of Model A parts on the fork was genius, this build has been fun watching come together.You did a great job with this one, I don't see a thing I would change.:thumbsup:
That's a jaw dropper for sure :13:.