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Choose your favorite PHOTO. This does not have to be your favorite bike.

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I dabble in photography so this being a separate poll was pretty cool. For some reason #60 Quasimoto, caught my eye on the first go around. The photo itself isn't anything really special, but just that little tilt of the pic made the biggest difference!
Good job to all the organizers!!!
I was having a hard time with this one Ren Man. There were some really good pix. My favorites were; 1,4,13,23,39,49,52,56,60,63 and 69. I can see why 39 has the most votes, I like the thought behind it and even the idea that there might be a woman skinny dipping helps also. :happy: I just think there needed to be a little more light on the bike. I ended out going with #56 MotoDromo. I like the height of the camera shot, the 3/4 view of the bike really shows it off great and jasper87 must know a little something about photography since he stood back from the bike and zoomed in on it to make the bike the focal point while slightly blurring the background. I just can't believe he only has one vote. Oh well. I also really liked #60 Quasimoto. That's a really neat shot.

Thanks for the vote Bike Bum:thumbsup: Unfortunately as I was down to the wire it wasn't my first or even second choice of background, but I did the best with what I had. I happened to be laying flat on my stomach about 25ft away with a 200mm lens at about f3.5 for that shallow depth of field. Thanks for noticing:grin:
Many great images, but only the Silver Surfer had blue sky, white sand and no other distractions. ++ on ElChango, Evans then Quasi.
I'm actually lucky enough to photograph motorcycles for several bike publications as part of my gig.
I like all of the pics that have staged the bikes in a 'sympathetic' backdrop. Be it good context or colours.
The type of shot I would aim to produce myself is #30.
I thought alot of the photos were great and it was hard for me to decide which one to vote for. I guess we all have our own certain criteria for what makes a good picture. There were some photos that I absolutely loved the bike and the background but like someone pointed out sometimes the contrast isnt enough so the bike gets lost in the background. Some people feel that the bike should be the sole focus and there are some very cool shots of some bikes that really show off the bike. Me, I just wanted to tie the picture in with the theme of my bike "Hot fun in the summertime" I originally had the idea of taking it down the beach with that as a background. I was feeling really lazy and just needed a final photo of the build so I decided to go to the pond around the corner , its closer than the beach. Same place I took last years picture of my build off bike. Well the photo just evolved just like the bike. Completely different from what I envisioned. But it seemed to all work out. Thanks for your votes everyone! It was a fun build and Thank you Joel for talking me into entering the build again this year! I really wouldnt have done it without you pestering me ;)