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Dec 12, 2012
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Think I'll get in on this one here's some parts I 'll be using some old some new .
Modern Crank and old school head tube loose bearings
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I think my plan is to do a traditional style with a modern drive train
I have cleaned the original paint up but I can't paint this frame every time I look at it I like it to much the way it is .
Here's another pic
24x3 Felt 3 speed rear nos shimano click stick shifter custom cranks chrome chain had to add on lengths to a full chain this bike is long.
There's going to be a bit of chrome on this one .
My work space is pretty tight to cold in the garage there's been a lot of - 40 with the wind chill days around here.
My 7 year old great niece did the bearing trays for the steering tube tiny fingers and not scared to get dirty.
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Loving the setup on this one so far with the shifter on the mid tube. That white shifter cable sticks out against the seat stays though. You may want to consider painting the cable primer red.
Cool hockey game on the wall too.
Do the 3 speed Felt wheels use the same offset cog as the single speeds do?
Good eyes Kfish, looks like a small practice amp on the shelf too. Let's jam...

Thanks for all the welcomes and positive comments had a few ideas for a name but I think thats the hard part .
The bike is more Burgundy in regular light like the old CPR railroad engines and I live on the prairies so thought it would fit .
Hockey game is the original 6 teams lots of fun at Christmas mostly for the Grandpas and Uncles but does get the kids off playstation for a little while .
Felt wheel has regular Shimano Nexus with 22 tooth cog chain clears the tire by 3 to 4 /32nds of an inch close but it works .
The cog may be flipped over chain line is good I had to add about 6 inch' s to a full length of chain .
Tire clears by about 6/32nds on both sides of the frame and might have taken a 26x 3 tire .
This bike also had a wizzer motor on it at one time .
I like these frames I'm over 6 ft. and don't have to jack the seat up 6 inches to ride them .
I have another one in bare metal waiting for summer build off I have the name paint scheme and theme ready to go for that one .
Hey Carl I also do amp Guitar and pedal mods and play bass for a living .

cheers B
I like the paint/patine on the frame also. Where are you from? I am a flatlander too!

A bass I put together last year...
Also you ever been to freestompboxes?

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sweet frame!!!! and yes the paint is cool!!

Haha! That was a new bare body given to me by a guy, I work on all his basses and he just gave it to me (I never charge him either...) not too bad for a rattle can faux job...I think you can click on it and go to my photobucket... There's ton's of guitars on there and a couple bikes (since I'm relatively new to this...) Heavy cymbals like cracked hihats are nice to make guards out of and are dirt cheap if not free... I've built a few pedals too, I really like Harmonic Percolators.

So what IS a Royal Flyer? Made when and where and by who?
Google told me D.P.Harris... That's Rollfast eh?

That's what I have been able to find if some one could put a date on it that would be cool .
The frames I have use the British 3 piece bottom brackets serial numbers are at the top of the seat post .
Thought I'd share a little trick a friend at the local bike shop showed me .
My truss rod mounts were cracked and one broke as soon as I put my front wheel on .
The repair uses an old school fender mount part a stainless bolt and an acorn nut
Ground them off drilled a hole with my drill press bolted them on they work and look great .
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