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Front wheel and truss rods wheel on front is a 26 inch .
Front hub has 5 spokes like the front sprocket
oops front tire is on backwards
Can't wait to get this outside so I can take some good side profile pictures
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love the tip, hope you can get it outside soon for pics!!

I am watching this one as I have one of these bikes. I like the 24's on it . It allows for a long 7seat post. I am taking notes. Great build
Hey Tucker
Any idea what years they made them with the british bottom bracket ?
Also both of my frames use a 7 style seat post and I am over 6 feet and don't have to raise the seat much
both frames are long and tall.
Going to scout some locations to take some pictures my neighbour has a 6 foot snowbank in front of his house might make a good back drop
Here is what I have found out about these bikes, most of which has come from this site. They are post war bikes. Made in England after the war. They were private labeled for American manufacturers, In an attempt to bring industry and exports to war torn England and to help with post war North American demands. The Royal Flyer badge in most cases will say " Made in USA . Ours do not, as they were made in England. I have not found out which company made them, Raleigh, Rudge, Hercules, Phillips or others. It is great fun trying to track down the origins of old bikes I hope this helps. Also I am sorry your friend only has 6 feet of snow please advise if you would like me to send him some to help out tucker
Another great looking bike for this build off. Sick wheel tire combo!
I see a rod hockey game hanging on the wall. One of my favorite games.
It took a lot of elbow grease WD-40 and steel wool but it turned out pretty good .
Can't wait for summer build off so I can get my other Flyer frame going.
This one is not as wide at the rear so I will use regular balloon wheels and tires

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