Flightliner: Tri-Speed **DONE**

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Re: Flightliner: Tri-Speed

thatismytruck said:
I really like this Mark. Will the chain ring fit under the guard once the chain is on? looks tight.

I still vote for white seat and grips. :D

The chainguard is fully adjustable,up-down-left-right...So it should work. Think I'll go with the white, afterall.... :oops:
Re: Flightliner: Tri-Speed

trying out a springer...may paint the green parts white and go with the white seat and grips.

Coaster on for mock up. May go with a Nexxus 3 speed and wider tires.....
Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV Tri-Speed

looks great with the springer! :D white,black and chrome,would make a killer combination.
Re: Flightliner: Tri-Speed

thanx :mrgreen:
got the Kenda-on-the-Nexus and on the bike. Suppose to warm up, maybe paint the springer parts today.
Shorty fenders I need to remove brackets from to mount. Stole the guard from the fresh find Mutt, it cleaned up nice.


maybe some little white accents here and there....
Re: Flightliner: Tri-Speed

yea, I kinda changed direction again...just dont know where Im going with this yet...
temp is 40 now so Im gonna sand and paint real quick before it drops again. :roll: :roll:
Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV Tri-Speed

got the parts painted but now there TOO white!
It makes the seat and grips look beige-ish... :roll: :roll:
I'll figure something out...
Re: Flightliner: Tri-Speed

thanks guys. Just need to run a chain and mount the fenders and its ridable :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Re: Flightliner: Tri-Speed

i dig the shorty fenders! :D which actually means,"use mark`s fender trick in future build". :lol: :lol: :lol:
Re: Flightliner: Tri-Speed

The BEST combo so far!...Call it done.