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Borax is worth a shot. I’m reading it changes the surface tension to help acrylic paints float. Metalcast isn’t acrylic, but I think it’s worth a shot.
I think the paint is drying too fast on the surface of the water causing the wrinkles.
I had the same problem when I tried it, though not with Metal Cast paints.
Regular oil based paints need to be floating on top of water with borax mixed into it. That may possibly keep it from clumping...
Maybe this is what I got wrong.

They make it look so easy on YouTube!
I did some more experimenting today. I am going to wait until I see what actually worked before I do a detailed write up.

High level, I realized the wrinkles and goobers can be wet sanded off and what remains actually looks pretty decent. I am trying to eliminate as many wrinkles and goobers as possible, but I am not stressing about it.

Today I dipped both fenders, a handful of handlebars, the frame and fork. Need to wait a day or two to wet sand off the goobers and see what it looks like.
Curious as to the advantage of Metalcast? Simple oil based paints on borax water provided a nice translucent finish over white gloss and was dirt cheap.
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Not going well. The fenders turned out OK. They are heavily pitted and I wasn’t planning on using them in this build.


Everything else looks terrible. The problem is the paint turns into a film on the water and will not wrap around the tight radius of the tubes.

I tried floating mineral spirits on the water. It seemed to help a little, but not enough.

I still haven’t tried borax. I need to strip this paint off and maybe try again.

I do really like the look of metalcast over chrome, so I may abandon the dip and just spray the bike. Not sure yet.


The only tip I can share at this point is to use a shop vac to skim the leftover paint off the surface of the water between dips. That worked great!
I always start these projects thinking I have enough used bikes and bike parts that I won’t have to spend any money…. Never works out.

I just bought this tub at tractor supply. It should be useful for both the hydro dip and OA baths. Perfect size!

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And it makes a great kiddie pool when you're done. Just, somebody else's kids. :21:
I've been busy and not on RRB much, so I'm just seeing this now. (must have turned off notifications on my new lap top accidentally for RRB). Yes, @Captain Awesome is correct, I used the Adhesion Promoter on all my chrome parts for RaTs GaSs and RaTsbeRRy BuffeTT. It says plastic on the can, but it worked great.

Also, the Metalcast as you are finding out is very thin, doesn't really have much viscosity, so it drys that! Especially sitting on top of the water it will disperse and lose it's integrity pretty quickly I would think.

I like @GuitarlCarl 's idea of mixing the media. Maybe try the adhesion promoter on a part, spray it with the Metalcast (light coats, so you barely see it, then a few minutes later add another till you get the depth desired) , and then dip it in a more 'dippable' paint?

I am digging your project !! RaT oN~!
I really like the paint job you have come up with. The dipping method would be super cool with this if a method can be found to make it work. Looking good, keep it up!

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