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A little progress
I think I can live with it being Mardi Gras, so often the bike just seem to end up making its own decisions for us!

I was able to move the seat back. Now the enormous ape hangers seem less ridiculous.

Swapped out the chainring too.

It rides nice!

Need to decide about painting or removing the rear rack. And decide about painting the handlebars and chainring.

I’m envisioning some led lights and Mardi Gras beads.

I’m not in love with this one, but there is still room for improvement.
I really like the paint job on this one, it's very different. Painting the handlebars and rack would look cool but I don't think it's totally necessary. If you lose the rack maybe a ducktail fender would look good on the back?
Great idea. I have a ducktail fender. I tried it in the front, but it is for a 26 in wheel. I will try the back.

Yes I do like the paint. If nothing else, I have some new painting skills.

I also just found this video that I took when I found the bike. There is a good chance that I try to rebuild this back in the original configuration after the muscle bike BO. Not sure. I still have all of these original parts.

Will spare you the details but this was a pain to mount. I hate messing with fenders. The rear needs to come down a bit. I need to buy a drill bit to put another hole in the bracket. I also don’t like having the bracket attached to the axle. There are a couple other holes in the frame that might allow me to hide the bracket on the inside of the frame. Just not sure it is going to bring the rear down enough.


Today might be the last warm day we have before the weather gets cold. I need to paint the fender. Don’t really have a plan. Guess I will wing it.
Anyone know how to re lubricate the speedo? This spins, but has more resistance that I believe it should. I have tried 3 in 1 oil without taking this thing apart. It hasn’t helped. Do I need to dissemble this somehow and degrease?

I looks like there is some sort of oil or grease port. Towards the top of this picture.


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