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Dec 1, 2012
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Whangarei, New Zealand
Here is my "WINTER BUILD OFF" thread (even though it is summer and really quite hot here in New Zealand at the moment).

I will not be actually starting for a wee while yet as I am still working on my MUSCLE BIKE BUILD OFF bike.


This is my inspiration...


The frame is going to be based on that shape frame.

Will put up initial parts pile pictures soon...

Glen. :)
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sweet inspiration bike you going to run a motor on your build?

Thanks guys.

Troy... sorry to disappoint you, but no motor... pedal power only.

Got to finish Chopster - Part 2 in the muscle bike build off before starting this.

thats cool! love the look of the bike and frame! will have to check out chopster!
heya glen

loved chopster that front coaster brake idea was awesome would never have thought that up
this build is gonna be sweet i like that frame style.
cannot wait to see what you come up with.
Gidday all,

It's been a while since I promised a parts pile pic, so here it is...


Not much yet, but now that Chopster Part 2 is almost "done", I will be getting onto Glenderson soon...

Boxing day today for us in the southern hemisphere, so I hope everyone down under had a great Christmas day and that all those celebrating it today are also having a nice time.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all,

Cool parts pile Glen! Off topic but, what is Boxing Day? I've always seen it on the calendar but don't know what is.


Thanks Nito,

Boxing day is the day after Christmas day and was the day of gift giving in the old days. Nowdays it's just another holiday for most people and a day of excess shopping at boxing day sales for others.

Here is a quote from wikipedia about boxing day...

"Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses[1] or employers, known as a "Christmas box". Today, Boxing Day is habitually known as the bank holiday that occurs on 26 December. It is observed in the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malta and some other Commonwealth nations. In Australia, Boxing Day is a federal public holiday."

Actually, I didn't realise until reading this that the USA doesn't seem to have Boxing Day... you learn something new every day... so thanks for the question because now we have both learnt something new.

Cheers, and have a great boxing day,

I can't see the parts pick for some reason??
And quick question about Boxing Day/ Christmas. It says you give gifts on Boxing Day. Do you still give gift on Christmas or is that just America?

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Gidday rubsterob,

Don't know why you can't see the pic... it's there for me and others seem to see it okay. If you are looking on your iPhone, maybe it's something to do with that. The pic is not that exciting anyway... just an old Milazo frame and some old exercise equipment bits.

The gift giving is done on Christmas day here too these days. The boxing day thing was way back I think. Although there might be some people that still give gifts on boxing day, most likely because families have split up and living in different parts of the town or country, so different family members get together at different times. I suspect it is pretty much the same all over the world these days.


Gidday everyone,

Here is the logo for this build...


The font for "GLENDERSON" might change if I can find one that is a better match to what is on the actual 1912 Henderson.

The photo I originally posted as my inspiration shows a 1912 Henderson that is very clean and immaculately restored. My attempt at a bicycle version will not be as glamourous. Here is a photo of the actual motorbike that inspired me...


It is in a book I have here at home ("The Encyclopedia Of The Motorcycle") and is closer to how I expect it to look.

I am already facing a problem though. Some time ago, I purchased some old mudguards on TradeMe that were advertised as 26". I have only just now checked them with my 26" cream tyres and they don't fit. I got four in total. Two are mismatched 26" and the other two are identical but smaller:mad:. So now I need to either find some other guards (not easy to do here in New Zealand) or purchase some from overseas if someone is prepared to ship. Does anyone have any suggestions on a supplier of (cheap:rolleyes:) fenders? I could cut up the two identical ones and make them fit I suppose, then use one of the other ones on the front... hmmm :39:

Stay tuned for another exciting episode...
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