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Yeah, it looked good this morning too...
Punch list is shrinking. A good friend and fellow Taildragger is sending me some unsolicited parts! AND they're exactly what I need. Next I gotta get my Thunderbolt Greaseslapper moved over to the new/ old garage and liberate the sprocket. I believe it has the only Mag sprocket I have left on it and I have plenty of choices to replace it with. Beg, borrow and steal baby, this build is Going Nowhere Fast.
Oh look at the underside of that banana.
Looks like a nice two piece that can be recovered.

Parts arrived today!
I want to work on the bike.
But my dogs are barking. I was thinking of playing at an open mic tonight but half a day remodeling with my oldest boy's company and half a day at the guitar repair shop has me feets crying plus I pigged out on salmon and leftovers. Now I'm in a recliner Going Nowhere Fast...

There's a lot going on here.
There's my kitchen guitar - an old Stella Sundale and my reconditioned Monkey Wards steel sink. A few books and hand tools on the old oak table. Oh, and a nice banana seat w/ sissy. Woohoo!
What to do with the right half of the "dash"...

I will add that getting the speedo up to 30 mph with a no drag empty rim is pretty hard to do. It's like downhill on a touring bike in first gear.
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Was out in the garage coaching my boy as he replaced all his brake pads and I finally mounted a tire. I haven't found a nice "slick" so I went with this neat old tire I've had for a while. I like the squares and diamonds tread...

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