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'61 ES125. got it on eBay, it was a gutted single pickup husk that someone had stripped with paint remover and they slopped it up pretty good. i routed it for a bridge pickup and got a real luthier to clear coat it with nitro and re-glue the top and back which were separating. it plays like a dream.
I guess this would be my "#1" even though I haven't really played around with guitars for a couple years now. It's still hanging there on the wall with a few others, and I swear I'll pick them up again, soon...



It's a Warmoth body and neck I put together in 2010 (YIKES! It's been that long?)

Here's a more recent picture of it next to a uke I put together for a build challenge. The neck is a little darker and the pick guard has turned brown but that looks fine too so no worries.
What a beauty! I have a metal guitar Fender Jim Root Telecaster
This guitar is just great. It is the always wanted tele with a very thick sound. Satin finish looks awesome with black hardware. The neck feels very comfortable and slick. Playability is out of this world. Extremely easy to bend strings and the saddles are a breeze to adjust to your preferences.
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Worked on this dinosaur the other day. It came in so crusty. Why do you guys shove them under the bed and leave them for years?

Check out the graphite neck! Very cool.

Took pics prior to setup, think it's even close on intonation? No. But the ancient EMG pickup running on 18v sounded very clear and actually had some tone to it. Now I have another guitar added to my wishlist.

A friend gave me a banjo that was in his home and suffered the storm surge of hurricane Ian. It spent some time submerged. The wood was twisted, cracked, swollen, water logged, split. The finish was greenish from damage from underneath. I salvaged all the metal parts worth saving. While I was disassembling it something bit me and raised a whelp! It was only an Asian import but still . . .


It has been 33 days since the storm and as it starts to heat up you can see water beginning to seep from the resonator.



Jimi Hendrix look out!


I put an older Fender version of one if those in the tank of my "Rockin' Rollfast" build pushing a 2x6 flat screen tv speaker and wrapped it in tweed.
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