have a merry chirstmas

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May 2, 2021
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i spend most of this time of year by my self as i have no family and most of my friends are gone i be in the shed digging through parts and making a scrap pile to be gone in the new year only drinking beer and eating tacos with a smile on my face think about my next build so with that said i wish you all a merry Christmas

and a happy new year
Merry Christmas
Is it Santa????

No. It’s just the gardener.

Ozzie knows that Christmas comes a day early here. I’ve got to get the meat on, Because all the kids and grandkids are coming today. I will be feeding at least 13 people today. Fortunately the kids have taken over all of the cooking except for the rib roast.

This is my first time doing a rib roast on the smoker. I hope it’s not $150 mistake!

You folks All have a merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas from the top of the climbing wall at Scout camp.

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For those scouts that reach the top I also set up an open rappel. Takes some courage to trust the ropes, but after they master that, they are right back up the wall ready to rappel again.

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Have a great holiday!View attachment 254836
I remember doing that when I was in the Boy Scouts ! Then again when I was in army basic training, and again when I was on our fire dept. I and another fireman went through EMT training together and started our first responder group on the dept. Then we expanded to do rescues as well. Used to do rappelling off of the grain elevator for fun !
Hope Santa is good to y’all. I got a rock.
Christmas isn’t my time to rake it in either. Instead, I have been saving up months for this because I always spend like a drunken sailor.

There were 12 at dinner this year, and I gave away enough food, cash and presents to buy me a nice carbon fiber Cannondale. (The one with two legs.)

(Ehhhh…so what? I like my steel bikes just fine anyway. ;) )

My wife can’t drive presently, so I bought and wrapped my own presents, plus Hers too. I bought myself a shirt and a hat and some candy. I bought some clothes for my wife, I got several small gifts from the children and grandkids.

I spent days shopping, half a day prepping, half a day cooking, a day cleaning up, and a couple days decorating and wrapping. All the kids brought food, so I didn’t have to cook everything.

My wife did lots of decorating with a broken arm. I’m very proud of her.

We still have to take presents to my wife’s nieces and nephews and cousins. I don’t know what she spent on them, but it was all delivered by Amazon, so she didn’t have to drive. I am sure she spent enough to buy her a nice new electric Nishiki.

Ok, no new carbon bike for me, but it is a huge blessing to do all this and know that I won’t suffer for it.