have a merry chirstmas

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Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Santa.jpg
Christmas isn’t my time to rake it in either. Instead, I have been saving up months for this because I always spend like a drunken sailor.

There were 12 at dinner this year, and I gave away enough food, cash and presents to buy me a nice carbon fiber Cannondale. (The one with two legs.)

(Ehhhh…so what? I like my steel bikes just fine anyway. ;) )

My wife can’t drive presently, so I bought and wrapped my own presents, plus Hers too. I bought myself a shirt and a hat and some candy. I bought some clothes for my wife, I got several small gifts from the children and grandkids.

I spent days shopping, half a day prepping, half a day cooking, a day cleaning up, and a couple days decorating and wrapping. All the kids brought food, so I didn’t have to cook everything.

My wife did lots of decorating with a broken arm. I’m very proud of her.

We still have to take presents to my wife’s nieces and nephews and cousins. I don’t know what she spent on them, but it was all delivered by Amazon, so she didn’t have to drive. I am sure she spent enough to buy her a nice new electric Nishiki.

Ok, no new carbon bike for me, but it is a huge blessing to do all this and know that I won’t suffer for it.

That's what its all about!