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That sissy is sassy.
Good new and bad news in the tire department. The slick is going to work perfectly for this one but the front tire is so far gone that I can't keep it on the rim. I am now looking for a heavily used but still usable front tire with some character in case anybody has something interesting???

In the meantime I got all the bearings greased and the brake and shifter hooked up. I only had one old white cable so I will have to age the newer one to match.


Also have to dig for my bag of cable stays, these plastic ones are very temporary.


The fork didn't want to come out without a fight. In the process it saw a lot of Kroil and that exposed quite a bit of original purple...too much purple.
I decided to try and match the color of the frame rather than the darker purple on the fork. Not quite there yet but getting close...
A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this piece of junk with one notable part on it (not the handmade custom rack)...
View attachment 107701 View attachment 107700

A little rough but I think it will work nicely on the Coug.
hey I found one of them recently too! I am going to try to use it on my MMBO bike...

Mine is even a little rougher and crustier than yours I think, but I am hoping to make it work.
Got the modifications to the fork buttoned up...
pounho yurtyfkgj,.jpg

A little faux patina for a faux slingshot fork... and VOILA...
dogji bvadfk.jpg
Diggin' the faux-rk tina George!
Yours looks like the 'country cousin' to the city kid on the left. :D
I got around to ditching the plastic cable stays....

...and i remembered that I picked up the proper grips for my Screamer Gremlin. That will free up some white Huffy grips. No "H" but otherwise the same as on Rails...had they ever made them in white.

Not 100% sold on the white yet but I'm leaning in that direction.