Huffy Slangshot (formerly the Crusty Cougar)

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Just trying to point out what to look for. I picked the entire bike up for under $50 at a swap and lots of serious bike people had walked right past it all morning. There is good stuff hiding in plain sight all over the place if you keep your eyes peeled.
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I got some Rail-Mail today!! Going to use the stack for sure but not sure what else?? Very tempting to swap over to the mag sprocket and short fender but I am kind of partial to the long version with braces for this one.
The mag sprocket is on and so it the stack. Was back and forth between faded orange and dirty/off white for the paper backing on the guard. Pretty sure I am going to run the white though.

Now that the original guard is gone I think I need a name change. Going with the Slangshot from here on out!
2 weeks to go! I am adding details this week and taking pictures the next. Found a local (25 miles away) 69-70 plate recently along with a hat...

That is too cool . I would love to take that for a spin ! Do you need to put a set of wheelie bars on it.
Nah. It doesn't get much lift...
A few more bits... sticking with the dirty white theme I added the white grips and some white stem caps. Also had a turn signal unit hanging around that happened to have the same dirty white look so I threw it on too. I used a bunch of old school metal cable clips to tuck everything away neatly...
Added a couple more pieces of flare...
the mirror has a white reflector so I thought it fit in but it is far too shiny. The picture was taken mid-rustification.
The backgrounds in your pictures are too distracting to follow your build . Is that a Shelby we see ?
Ha-Ha! I like the weights too!

Looks like my work area. Finished bikes, future projects, fitness stuff, family stuff.... put some yard and garden stuff in there and we’re twins!