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Dec 10, 2009
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Were off! Meet Ratlo.
Almost all Schwinn. The rims, tires and spring yoke are accessory parts. I cobbled together different saddle parts and will leave it bare. I'll get some carriage bolts to soften those edges a bit. Of course it will be pinstriped like a tattooed wild man.

I'm thinking dark, dark green metal flake. Any comments or ideas welcome. 🤟
3.5" cranks like the Captain says. I'm using a 6" crank from a Sting Ray. The 3.5s looked weird on the 26" bike. Kinda like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with those little arms. I want to keep it as much Schwinn as possible.
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They do look funny

Tuff looking low rider bro! it might be the the tables frame or even the fence behind but those guards look right at home with the patina they have! just trim the bottom a tiny bit to shape and you'll be laughing all the way down the broad walk!

Builds are crazy! I switched frames. This is also a 50 Panther just in better shape. The green frame needed some work.

I had to send the chrome Panther chainguard back. It had machine marks.

I had a earlier year chainguard that I like better. Now details. Like welding up the light mount holes on the front fender. There's a few other small items to take care of. After that off to chrome and color. Not sure if I'll pc or paint. I'm leaning towards dark green metal flake.

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