"It's Never Easy" 1971 AMF Aerobee

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how about a little black stripe on the white seat stripe, on the edge next to the green. It'll tie in with the chainguard lettering, and make the white stripe a little less wide.
Wow. Love what you did with this one. Aerobees are cool but this one is spectacular. Thought you might be wrapping stripes the other way on the seat but what you did looks great. Good match with the paint. Like this pic a lot.

That Aerobee is killer! I love the green and yellow paint scheme! The paint and graphics look fantastic all around! Very tastefully done! I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding a buyer for this one! Great job as always!
Amazing! This bike came out so awesome. I love the paint, chain guard, shifter, grips, pretty much everything. The level of detail is amazing. Really nice job man!

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