"It's Never Easy" 1971 AMF Aerobee

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I agree they'll both look great. The black seems like a natural compliment and the white will really pop. I wouldn't know which to choose. The chain guard looks fantastic!
black with white shadow!
I was thinking what with black shadow, but neither are an option I don’t think. I guess I could ask Bruce…. Hmmm

Edit: sent Bruce the question. We’ll see. Wish there was a way to simulate it.
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I get in a “zone” and forget to take ‘before’ pics sometimes… like now. I bought 2 crusty but correct Shimano Eagle derailleurs. I busted them down, cleaned them in solvent, polished them… now here they are as dry parts. I’ll put them together and mount one and sell the other. Which is which?


Just a suggestion, but couldn't you use Photoshop or GIMP to layer the letters over the photograph? That ought to be a simple matter to simulate what they will look like, then you won't have to guess. Personally, I'd choose the white letters with black outline, but that's just me.View attachment 219756
Boom 💥
Seat arrived today. It’s a little more “emerald” than the last one, but I think it’ll still compliment the green on the frame.

It’s so… smooth…


And not without it’s surprise flaws.

I think I may have a correction for the flaw. But my brain needs to wrap around how smooth and featureless it is.
I remember in an AMF catalog some of the bikes had stripes on the seats. So I dug in and found these to get a pattern idea. (Small pic, so the zoom is pixilated)


Looks like two wider stripes on the outside and a thinner stripe down the middle. I'm using white with a black border for the text on the chainguard. I could do the same with the seat to give it some life and make it look a little more AMF (even though it's a Persons seat)

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