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Mar 26, 2020
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Norman Oklahoma
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Well what can I say, I wanted a hubless electric Springer bicycle.

I've built so far the frame, forks and wheels from scratch metal, and working on the fiberglass fenders and a bunch of other things.

It has a 48vdc brushless motor with a single speed pedal both turning a friction gear, not built yet, but in the works.

I'll take better photos and the process from this point.


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This all looks incredibly cool. My head is spinning trying to figure out what you have going on there. I need details, lots of details. Also, when uploading files, please select "full image" option, makes for easier viewing
You mean spinning like a top hat?

Why is there a top hat?
A better view of the Keystone bike. I have lots to do yet but it's starting to take shape.


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just... wow.... unbelievable!

would this be considered "vintage tron" or a prequel.... of Clu's granddaddy's lightcycle?
Part of the Keystone build requires fiberglass work. I have some vintage fenders, rather than cut up a perfectly good fender for my stupid projects, I'd rather make a copy of it and shape the copy anyway I want and still have the original intact.

First thing I do is wrap the original in heavy duty aluminum foil. Second thing I do is cut a piece of fiber matte to fit with a little over hang and brush the fiber resin onto the fender then lay the glass down and brush more resin on top of that.
I always brush the edges and bends first, this allows the resin to soak in making it easier to form the glass matte.

It's light durable formable and repairable, so why not glass...
Making a copy of a vintage fender for the Keystone build.


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The headlight is a 60's harley davidson spot light, restored and ready for the light element, I decided to add a led fire simulator, this particular led is a stage light purpose so it's very bright, but since it's an ebike, I also need lighting for higher speeds, so I added a led fog light, super bright. Both run on a 12vdc battery, separate system from the 48vdc battery pack.
I'm hoping to reach 40mph with this dog.


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Awesome build! Did you design the 'hubless' setup (bearings etcetera)?

Love the creativity here.

And in the first post I see a seagrass carpet, that pretty cool too. We have one and I like it a lot!
Back to demonstrating the fender build - The saddle is created pretty much The same way, except carving a piece of sign foam and covering it with aluminum foil.

The black fender I made for my motorcycle in the same manner with the aluminum foil overlay, it allows me to create custom fenders without harming the original.

Once I placed a one or two layers of fiber matte, it is then trimmed and removed from the original, I lightly sand it with 80 grit paper.
This process requires Bondi, which is no big deal to me.
After the Bondi work it's ready for primer, which I use the urethane primer, it's expensive but really works well for filling imperfections.
I always wet sand the primer with 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper, it's now ready for paint.
Right now the fiberglass Keystone fenders are in the Bondi stage, I'm hoping to paint them tomorrow, yeah!


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The saddle cover was carved from sign foam, then formed in fiberglass. The seat pan was cut from two 14gauge steel plates, the Springer seat part was cut from another saddle and I welded it to my pan.
I wanted at first a banana seat, but I wanted something more custom, so I went with a motorcycle track bike seat.
The top piece of the seat is where the upholstery will go which has two 15/16" bolts welded to the top steel pan will hold everything together.

The part I like about the banana seat is the chrome grab handle they have, so that will be added as soon as I build it.

Also still working on fender mount ideals.


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Sorry about the delay of progress, I live in oklahoma and the weather has been a little brutal around here.
Anyway I'm hoping to finally paint my fenders Sunday, in the mean time I've been working on the saddle, so far the lower piece is mounted to the bike, the fiberglass cover will be painted Sunday and so on, so it's time to upholster the top piece. I welded three carriage bolts to the pan and drilled a lot of little holes for the pop rivets.

I thought about a nice cushy seat for a hard tail bike, but I also thought a thin look would be better, so just using a 1/2" thick firm foam covered with a piece of soft leather. As you can see in the photos.

As soon as I can figure out in detail, I'm ready to start building the friction drive...


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