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Ok I have been for ever trying to find the perfect paint that simulates chrome, well I finally found a paint that didn't brake the bank and is easy to use.
The reason I'm bringing this up is I'm considering giving the Springer fork a chrome look.
Spaz Stix mirror chrome paint has my vote, the pictures below demonstrates my experiment.
The piggy was painted with the deepest and darkest base coat clear coat that my paint bobber can make, the skull was painted with rustolium gloss black.
The piggy got three coats of the mirror chrome, pretty much heavy coats, the skull got one light coat and a wet dusting, neither has a clear coat over the chrome.
The skull is the winner, directions; spray three even coats etching primer, let dry couple hours, spray paint three even coats of gloss black, let dry one hour, spray paint one light even coat of mirror chrome, immediately cris cross at a further distance to fill in any empty spots, and that's it, the skull looks like chrome.
Clear coating, I'm gonna use a automotive clear with activator for durability...
Did you clear coat yet?

Cool seat, bar work and lights.
With the new home made sissy bar painted and installed, I had to add a silhouette of the HD shield welded in place where I'll use a custom decal to fit over it.
It will also be used as a grab handle to help lift the bike for the center stand.

Thank You everyone and Merry Christmas - ride safe...


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With the pedal drive working, the Keystone bike is about ready for a test ride, with the extreme low gear it will probably ride at crawling speed, as soon as I get the electric motor gear setup it should do a fair speed, I'm hoping at least 20 mph would be good, it's so low geared, I'm not sure what it's top speed will be, right now I have a 48vdc brushless motor at 1800watts and matching controller.


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I was gonna test ride today, but the temperature is 10 degrees here, too cold for this Okie lol. I've test rode a whole 10 feet in the living room ;) , good thing I'm single lol.
Back to demonstrating the fender build - The saddle is created pretty much The same way, except carving a piece of sign foam and covering it with aluminum foil.

The black fender I made for my motorcycle in the same manner with the aluminum foil overlay, it allows me to create custom fenders without harming the original.

Once I placed a one or two layers of fiber matte, it is then trimmed and removed from the original, I lightly sand it with 80 grit paper.
This process requires Bondi, which is no big deal to me.
After the Bondi work it's ready for primer, which I use the urethane primer, it's expensive but really works well for filling imperfections.
I always wet sand the primer with 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper, it's now ready for paint.
Right now the fiberglass Keystone fenders are in the Bondi stage, I'm hoping to paint them tomorrow, yeah!
Well, first test ride fails. Tires bulges to much with my weight on it and pressed itself to the rings, acting as a brake, it rolled a whole six inches with me on it. It rolls fine without me on the bike.

So I widened the space between the rings. Hope it works on the street, so far it works in the living room lol.


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Experiment in progress, how about a fiberglass skeleton inside the tire to maintain the tires shape for a better connection between the friction drive and the tire.
Finally got a better pic, no riding yet till the new tires are finished :(


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