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This is the closest it's been to "put together" gotta run some cables and some kind of grips or wrap and she's golden.
King Kaiju.
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Really need a longer shifter cable but 6' is all I have st this point it'll have to do. Brake cabling is at the other garage gotta grab it later. Recycled the shifters from an early version of ALiEN FiRE they're definitely out there. Today's fun, if you can't dig the ROTEL tomatoes headlight sorry bout dat. Salvaged it from a scraped build.
Ain't made it over to the old garage yet to grab brake cables and even though the rear cable should be longer.... All the gears are working fine. Blue bar wrap.
King Kaiju.
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Took the thing out for a spin all brakes and all gears work as they should, but that's something on a cobbler built 12 speed. Headlight is working even in the light, check out the post in front of it.

Got a new brick wall to pose in front of at a grade school nearby the new/old house. Didja all know I finally moved? I'm living the house I grew up in. Oh & it's done! (the bike)
That's a crazy impressive stretch 12 speed. I like that shade of blue.
You'll have to do some daytime closeups to show off the marbling.
And as for the backdrop? Perfect ambient overhead lighting without
any distractions. 😎