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Also in October, I scored this kid's JC Higgins with a Mattel Vrroom motor, headlight, and speedo.

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On the same drive to get the Higgins, I picked up this 2010 Felt New Belgium Fat Tire Ale bike

Also in October someone posted up a set of used Mooneyes discs on FB and I had to jump on them.

Got a cool shirt of my wheeling dealing hero in October.

November I got a 2012 Felt New Belgium Fat Tire Ale bike.

On the same trip, I picked up a 2011 20th Anniversary Felt NB Fat Tire Ale bike from a different seller.

Wow, just saw that this thread has 315,000 views now. Over 12 years of finds now. I might even have 100 pages by the end of this year :D :D :D
Scored this "Savannah Slow Rides" shirt at Goodwill. Had a fun time wearing it on a ride with @Dr. Tankenstein and our friend Chris when they rode behind me.

Also in September, I finally scored a Schwinn Aerovane. Been searching for one of these for years

Those tires are .... man.

Also had this major score in September. A single owner Evans Olympic with Evan Action Cushioner fork.

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Kingfish, We need to see some close-ups of that fork!

This coolness popped up on FB Marketplace a couple of days ago. I was out to dinner when the seller responded. So after I dropped the wife off at home, I hit the road for a 5 hour round trip late night drive to pick it up. This Rideable Bicycle Replica "Boneshaker" now sits in my den.

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The shaking isnโ€™t dangerous compared to the faceplants. Will you ever ride this?
Those tires are .... man.

Kingfish, We need to see some close-ups of that fork!

The shaking isnโ€™t dangerous compared to the faceplants. Will you ever ride this?

I'll make a better post of the Evans Olympic later.

It's possible that I MAY ride the Penny Farthing at some time in the future, but for now I love just having it as art in my den.
Got one of these Cruisin' short sleeve shirts from Dixxon a couple of weeks back when they were on sale for half price.

Scored this toolbox with bike tools and supplies back in September 2023

I posted this from May 2023 in my wrong thread.

I really only wanted the front wheel, but I picked up a set of these today (May 8, 2023)

I used the fron wheel on my Speedfish Special build for BO17

Scored this cool tshirt of my picking hero in October 2023

Got this cool 1940s "Savannah Transit Co." hat badge. I am thinking it would be cool to make a bicycle headbadge from a human head badge

Sold the little Murray, but not before keeping the free goodies. Engine, light, speedo, and basket
Picked up this Phat First Class chopper mainly for the saddle, but these also have great fat nexus 7 wheelsets and other parts too

On the same round trip to JAX, I got this 1960 Columbia Fire Arrow with the super rare bugeye tank.

I've picked many OCC choppers for parts in the past, but this was the first time a cheap West Coast Chopper popped on marketplace. Surprised at how better made these are. Cool parts that are more usable than the OCCs