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yoothgeye said:

supergoob said:

Haha, I tried growing one at the beginning of the build-off... it didn't happen, so that one came from Dollar Tree and I have 5 more that came with it! :lol:
cool stash hope it's not raining today!!!!

kim_dude said:
I'm hoping to con someone into taking a shot tomorrow.

I just used an ultrapod to strap an old Canon SD700 to a bush shooting video(that camera is dying fast, shots are not focusing and orientation info is not happening), no way I was gonna get someone to follow me out there in the heat. Stopped the video, then took a screenshot using the print-screen button, then paste it into Paint and crop it.
Loved seeing all of the Klunkers this year.
If anyone wants to pledge additional prizes, post them here and I will update the Prize Pot
Think I broke something internal in the hub last night trying to take the shot and won't have time to work on it before the deadline. This bike hates me. :roll:
I'm still trying to find a hill in Savannah to take Firewing down, but I haven't had any luck. :p
GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!! Can't wait for the action shots!
jats said:
even with the rain you still found dust!!!!!!

It wasn't easy, and only a little patch of dirt amongst the grass, VERY rocky too, so sliding was a bit iffy as it would all of a sudden grab traction on buried rocks.

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