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Mar 7, 2013
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Tucson, AZ
You know how it goes. You think you have a bike finished, like my sweet riding early '50s three-speed Monark:
IMG_1724 (2).jpg

But then something comes along; in this case, a solid brass custom made fuel tank built just for my Monark frame

So now my red Monark will become a motored bike. I ordered a disc-brake chrome springer, leaving me with the old red and chrome springer, had custom motor bike wheels waiting in the wings, and will soon start on my motorization project.
AND THEN . . . . . . . . . . . . an old cruiser came up on the local Craigslist, wearing a tank that I've been searching for the past few years. The tank will fit my 1962 J C Higgins perfectly.


It turned out to be a beauty of a bike, powder-coated a nice apple green, and replete with some very nice parts. I have a banana seat hanging from the sprinkler system in my storage unit, plus the other needed parts, sooo . . . I'm in! The parts will be green and red, so I present to you, the Kristmas Krate. I plan to have it done by Dec. 25.
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Yo SD! Great to see you jumping in the MBBO pool!
Sounds like you've got some cool ideas for this build....motored bike, eh? :nerd:

RaT oN~!
LOve that color green with those tires!
Lookin' good!
ElF oN~!
I would use this one :cool2:

I fell in love with the concept of these forks on cantilever frames when I first saw the Jakoob Cycles Hardcore Cruiser.
SD, do you have a long white beard and a red suit to wear while riding this sleigh, er, bike? :grin:

The colors are working perfectly on this !

As the kids would say, this build is "tight". :thumbsup: