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73? A baby! A child! I was born in 72. So, as your elder I will say that I never had a muscle bike either. I got into them from the restoration side. Something cool for my kids that just grew with a mind of its own. My thought: Build what you like. One of my muscle bikes will have some suspension, but the way it's used doesn't make it an off road bike. So, depending on what you want to do, you can decide the category. Just because you're not into muscle bikes doesn't mean you can't build your version of one and love it.
I’m a bi-centennial baby myself. My first bike was a Western Flyer Buzz bike. I remember when in the ‘80’s sportifs became all the rage around here. I’m of the opinion that the Olympics had something to do with that (‘84). Admittedly for the inclines in this area that Buzz would have been a chore to ride but what it lacked in gears it had so much in style.
In real life I am not a detail guy. Sometimes I don’t know what day it is.

In bike world details matter.

I hopefully fixed the sissy bar mount. I did not like it mounted to axle at all.

Bonus the seat is raised too!


Looks like a cantilever brake bolt, and a weird washer from a front axle.

Only a nutcase would get his fingers dirty polishing old bolts.

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A little progress.

Got the headlights working with new plexiglass and LED bulbs.



Turns out I was the only bidder on the ducktail fender. Still deciding on this. If it is a keeper, I will need to paint it and figure out how to mount it.


Here is what I have left to figure out. I am going to try to install a quick release (maybe wrong terminology) on the brake. Currently it is difficult to remove the rear wheel.

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as far as muscle bikes go I really like the look of this! the front and rear wheels look to be a match made in heaven! balances the bikes look!
The Ladybug turned out great! Everything goes well together. The Ladybug theme works. I love the radial laced front wheel too. Nice!

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