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Yeah, your builds are always loaded with tons of cool stuff. It's always fun looking at all of the details.
Looks like you're right on track to hit 1400 views in the final week!
RRBBO#14, retired from teaching 14 years ago, 14K build views would be good.

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Buddy for Laid-Back in waiting mode...just need some time.

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My Labor of Love...

Thanks for stopping by.
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It's cool that it landed on exactly 1400 for the screen shot.:cool:
RM: Thanks for posting the exact screen shot in time. BO#14, 14K, 14,000 views, cool stuff, more than happy to see it happen.
Even if we get no votes, I’ll treasure the 14K views milestone. I appreciate the comments, suggestions, critiques and the views this thread has received. Thanks for following along!
*Now finish those other bikes.
Since it's a detail shot, I'll nitpick the details: 14 thousand!
I’m slow this morning it took me a while to catch your drift. Good eye! Thanks.

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Found a buddy for my Laid-Back Pirate [emoji3079]...

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Basket cargo load and this is a actual “RAT” bike.

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Tried the photo thing again on Sunday the 8th...need to get a camera and use my tripod in future. Hauled the bike back to park and rode about a half mile to photo spot.

New litter of pigs at state fair on Monday the 9th. They had just had lunch and were taking a nap.

No bicycles allowed on fairgrounds...lots of strollers and mobility scooters though.

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After sorting through the build journals and final voting photos I made an OK/maybe list, from that I made a short list. I finally cast votes fo 6 ClassI Bikes and 3 ClassII bikes. It was a hard task.
My selection considerations were based on a post that I made in the “Final Thoughts” thread. As I stated there, it was my based on my opinions as to what this forum is about for me. I never said it should apply to anyone else. Build what you like, ride what you build. Believe what you believe, but just chill. Laid-Back is a good thing.
Finally, I didn’t call anyone out, I just shared a personal opinion as others have in the same thread. I guess some take issues with free speech and expression of personal ideas. No regrets, no apologies in order.
Anyway after contemplating the supposed controversy of expressing a “Final Thought”, I decided I’d pull together a compilation of my past build off projects and post in the Gallery forum. You will find a variety of styles there, even some free thinking stuff. It’s not all Laid-Back for me.’s-bicycle-alley-builds.109564/
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Well now that it’s all over everyone has some time to reflect. I even started work on another personal project.

I appreciate my 14K+ view for this build thread.
I appreciate Machine Age Victim’s Award for Mechanical Excellence.
I appreciate those 25 who cast a vote my way, 9th place I believe is my best showing over the 10 Build Off Entries I’ve built.
I appreciate the “Likes” and comments posted during the build and especially the comment by @horsefarmer in the “Post Your Final Thoughts” thread.
I appreciate the efforts by those management types who keep this forum going.
Rules or no rules I don’t regret the post I made referencing a style I try to follow with my Build projects.
I personally appreciate being the lone force in the design, reconstructing, documenting and photographing this old bike, I do better work on my own.
Always found the team approach frustrating.


Next personal project:

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Bringing this one back to life as I have gained so much from going through this entire thread. So we’ll done, motivational.
Bringing this one back to life as I have gained so much from going through this entire thread. So we’ll done, motivational.
fun project…thanks for looking!
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