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Nov 22, 2011
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Grand Rapids, MN (USA)
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I'm super excited for this year's build off! It wasn't long after last year that I started school for the fall and pretty much had no time to enjoy this site. School is winding down for the year, and I actually plan on jumping into a build before the last 2 weeks this year.

No pics yet. I have a plan though. I have always loved the "lead sled" style hot rods...long, smooth and low. I have also always wanted to build a burrito... and hey! They're like the bicycle version of a lead sled.

That's my start.

I don't plan on being to active other than posting build updates. I just don't want to pull any inspiration off of any builds inadvertently.

I really can't wait to get started! And I can't wait to finish so I can see what everybody else is bringing to the table this year!

Good luck to all of the builders!!! But, more importantly HAVE FUN!
Business before pleasure. Then the pleasure will be that much more worth it . Look forward to see the sled ....

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As you may know, my style is to upcycle frames and combine them...after much deliberation, here is one of the frames that I will be using.

Without being too specific, maybe this orientation can illustrate how I will use it...

The bad news is that one more of these will not be in existence, the good news is that parts will be available for sale shortly! lol

Handlebars, chain guard, matching seat and grips...maybe more. I'll post in the "for sale" when I get it torn down.
Gonna be fun watching you meld those two frames together.
Like the curve of the back stays with the straight bottom line, with a cruiser top I'm love'n it already.
It should be interesting. I'm excited to get rolling on it.

I recently divided my garage in half and built a studio for my wife on one side. I have been trying to get a working space carved out on my side...I'm really close now!
Picked up another piece of the puzzle tonight. My supply of wheels and other parts is at a minimum with the garage remodel, but I spotted this beauty on sale and the color is perfect.

Wheels, tires, handlebars, (possibly seat and grips), and all of the new bearings for $88!