let me see your chopper bicycles

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Got my package from Classic Cycle Germany yesterday.

Chinese bel

Electra front wheel orange 24"

Some white walls 24" and 20" ... I'm only 1m65 tall so I need the small sizes all my life...

and that looks like this...

try them on the bike now to see what changes I need / can make.


Funny how these things look more impressive in person. You spend all that time on the rust and the camera doesn't do it justice

It wasn't me I swear.
love that bike looks awsome in person !
Thank you, I am working on another one I may use one of the small chopper forks on it to get it a little closer to the ground

Plus I swear it's nine feet long with the full size occ fork. I only have a few places it would fit in the house

It wasn't me I swear.
The black bike with the spider web was built and raffled off at the bike show at Howe Caverns NY , Going to be doing another bike for this years show July 19 and all the money goes to a good charity and its a great show to attend for antique to rat rods to choppers , there all welcome

Kona hot rod - 10 inches cut from the fork, 24x65mm rear on thick brick,700c front disc,Z style bars from eBay and a layback seat post ,

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Nirve switchblade - sort of an in progress thing - really can't seem to decide what to do - I've scoped so many cool nirve builds here and gotten so many ideas ! However because if that - I can't seem to commit to one theme/style.

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A little step further...
Made the rear light (build leds in an old VW Beetle side repeater matching on the rear fender) work and hided the batteryholder in cylinder bag under seat with switch to put it on...

new spot for the bell

new spot for the oncoming gearshifter

waiting for last parts... sturmey archer 3-speed wide rear hub and shifter... relocate rear brakes... matching rear wheel to orange front wheel... some finetuning... everything apart... respray... and final building together...

Belgian greetings