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here is the pics of the hawthorne i am working on.it;s not complete but i finished the paing today. my cam phone didnt take good pics so sorry about that. i am wondering what year it is. i took close up pics of the book rack cause i never seen a book rack like this before. the paint on this is a bright red. i spray painted it and u cant tell but it actually looks ok. when i sanded it down i wanted to prep it for a powdercoat job. i wanted to get down to the original paint on this bike so i can paint it to that original color it turns out the original paint was red. so anyways... here is the bike so far. if u know what year it is please tell me. if not. well thanks for checking it out.






i found the year of my hawthorne stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket housing. it had the seriel # along with a 53 stamped next to it indicating it's a 1953 model. i don't know if they were all like that but it's worth a look.
i have never seen a rack like that either. i got the bike for free and it had about 4 layers of paint on it. when i got down towards the metal the paint was red so i think the original color is red. i am totally keeping it. i sprayp ainted the bike red after i got it down to the metal to see what it looked like in the original color. i love it. so now i am gonna save money and go get it powder coated. i will try and get a better picture of it tomorrow. the rack is the main reason why i am keeping it. i have never seen a rack like that before either.

how did u figure it was a 58- mid 60's bike?

oh the bike only has the serial numbers on it nothing else. i found out it was a hawthorne when i was cleaning the stamp piece. i had to take off all the crummy paint and it took off the hawthorne lettering but i saw it on there with my own eyes.
i love hawthornes so much i have 2 of them!

here is my 38 w/shockmaster - ive been passively looking for a tank since i got it... so if anyone has one! let me know!


ive also got this 35 duralum

its apart at the moment, ive got big plans for it, but it will have to come later on, because there is a hiawatha and felt ahead of it in the rotation.
how did u figure it was a 58- mid 60's bike?
Well, the connected holes in the rear drop outs ID this as a mid 50s or newer Snyder built frame, so it could've also been a Rollfast, Firestone, or a few other badge names. It also differentiates it from a same era Westfield/Columbia frame. Both introduced cantilever style frames around 58, eventually phasing out the earlier staraight bar frames. Sometime around the mid 60s, Snyder stopped using metal headbadges and went to decals. And, for the original thread, another Hawthorne I have a pic of, 51 if I remember right. -Adam
the one i have does have a metal head badge but i had to sand it down to get the purple paint off. you cant see it in the pic cause i still have tape covering it up. i am gonna take better pics of it and replace the pics i have on here.

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