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I picked the matching his and hers Rollfasts last night. I wasn't to thrilled about the girls bike,but it was a package deal. Since they have matching graphics, I think I will keep them together. They are pretty decent shape other than the fenders, they are toast. Also missing the fender lights. Inside of the tanks look like they've never had batteries installed.

Here are 3 of my longtanks. ('38, '39 and '40) They are all complete now but I haven't taken an updated picture. Once I get my Colson snap tank assembled I will take a group pic and post. It's been too cold, too windy and too Christmasy for me to do any garage work lately. Rain is in the forecast here (Southern Ca) so it may be a week or so before I am able to get to it. Thanks for your patience :)

My girlfriend's Rollfast, hung on her garage wall for the winter. It was put together with whatever we could scrounge, including 24" wheels and tires on a frame originally meant for 26" and a seat from an exercise bike that had been recovered in ostrich skin.

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I picked up this Rollfast, Stroker 300 last month at a bicycle shop in Quakertown, PA. I plan to get a new chrome bare rim to respoke that 3 speed hub clean it up and put some new brake cables on it.


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Here's my Basket Case from the early 70's. It's my daily rider until I finish my build off bike..
How I found it..

How it is today..


Dont know what year it is, I know its "Zep" style.
DP Harris, NY. [Frame and Fork]

It looks like any of 36,37 or 1938. Its a Rollfast so I doubt a serial would matter much..