Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

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Some close-ups from a bianchi bersaglieri (WW1 italian military bicycle)



You found one of the Orange band Bendix hubs! There are 2 more in existence somewhere.
Howsabout we try a thread where we post a cool bike-related macro-shot (very close-up) each Monday.
Here's the script:
  • Post only on Monday. This gives folks something to look forward to other than the new work-week :bigsmile:
  • Be patient! Post one this Monday, then another next...and so on.:cool2:
  • If you have nothing this Monday but get a nice shot Tues/Wed/Thur etc, please save it for the next Monday rather than posting some other time during the week. :praise:
  • Keep it fresh! New pics only, no recycled shots week after week. :thumbsup:

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