MAGIC RAT's Diamond frame bike!

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Suicide shift on a bicycle..awesome.

Hey Thanks guys.

And I also gotta thank my fellow Rat Rodding bud from back in the day Marc Hoffman for grudgingly welding it up for me and then throwing the frame in a trash can when I wasnt looking.

We're cool like that...and something about 'paybacks'...

MagicRat said:
The shifter is only 'momentary',the harder you pull the ring,the lower the gear.Relese the ring it returns to high gear.

Awesome bike. I had an idea for your shifter. Could you attach a hook to the frame so when you pull the pin to change gears you can hook it in the "pulled" position. That way it would be less "momentary". Great job on the whole bike. I LOVE the wheels and the shifter.
-nuts n' bolts

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