(MBBO#05 Class 2) J.C. Draggins..... Finished

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Love the seat cover! Fits the build. The stuff I usually sweat and fret over the most typically comes out the best; music performance, bike builds, relationships....okay, well, maybe 2 out of 3....:whistle:

A little more tape

More black

Now all I have to do is be patient.

Just as I was finishing up the paint, my wife came out and asked me to get an old tread mill out of the house. Of course I did, and it just happens to have a couple small wheels on it.
The wheel covers didn't survive the build, but it looks like the wheelie bar will make it.

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Here's something I didn't think about when I painted the guard.

The mural covers most of it.
I don't like the green coming out of the mural like that, so I'll probably sand and paint it black.

Frame turned out well.

Needs a little touch up here and there, but I like it.

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