(MBBO#05 Class I) Red Baron

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May 20, 2012
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Red Baron... because it's German and it will be red.


It's a "KHE Highriser", Centrix 3 Speed coaster hub, front drum brake, fake springer fork.
Saw it in a local online trading site, liked the look of it, bought it and put it into storage.
According to the stickers it is not very old, and I don't know how it got from Germany to Australia, but the Aussie sun has toasted the stickers and MELTED the banana seat!
I have only ridden it once, right before I started tearing it down... gears need some adjusting.

I will be changing some things I don't like about the bike, mostly replacing modern stuff with more retro stuff to give it a more vintage feel, so the plastic chopper grips, BMX style brake lever, melted seat, knobby BMX tires and disco looking chain wheel will not make it back onto the bike.
...and... I can't stand how the 'nana is mounted to the sissy bar, I'll still use the bracket, but put it inside the sissy and seat and change the nuts 'n bolts to tidy it up... and perhaps combine it with some sort of reflector bracket.

As far as I can tell, it was only ever available in solid orange or the greeny teal metallic of this one, but I think it will look much better in red, so that's what I'll paint it.

I hope to make my own personal headbadge for it, but since I have a bunch of non-bike projects already , and I'll be away for 5 weeks of the build, I suspect that I'll run out of time.

Ok, more pics...

The horrible seat mounting

Centrix 3 speed coaster

Drum brake

Fake springer


Progress so far has been doing a partial break down and throwing these bits in a bucket of oxalic acid.

Oh yeah, it has this sticker....

.. it says that "this bike is a piece of sports equipment and does not comply with STVZ0 and is therefore not allowed to be used in public street traffic"... I don't remember this bike being ridden by any of the German competitors in the Tour de France.
Very high 'cool factor' on that bike! I like your ideas...and the name. RaT oN!
Cool bike. Any progress?
...... No progress, have just gotten home after 6 weeks overseas, and the "Minister for War" is demanding completion of another project (front yard retaining wall and a yard art sculpture letter/parcel box house number with retractable hose reel.... hope to have it finished this weekend) before I can touch a bike :(
Leaves me with about a week and a half, I may make it by the deadline, we'll see.

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