(MBBO#05 Class II) My Generation (DONE, w/ wheelie pics)

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Mar 26, 2012
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Fairless Hills, PA
I recently purchased off of Facebook V.B.P.A., this 1968 Sears Spyder 10 speed, 24" bike. (I love these frames)
It's missing a bunch of parts but a good starting point. Last year I had a Shimano Automatic 5 Overdrive hub I could not get apart. Well I got it apart and respoked with some 12g's. It looks pretty good on that Jerald slick, too! I'm thinking of keeping it a 10 speed so it will be interesting to see how that works with the overdrive selector. We'll see how this build goes.



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How does the overdrive work?
There are 5 sensitivity positions adjusted by turning the protector plate. As the bike is ridden an internal sensor changes the freewheel from direct to overdrive.
I have not tried it out to see/feel what it dose. It was on 5 speed only bikes so using on a 10 speed is going to be interesting.
Tearing it down. You'll see why I have to replace the crank.
:eek:Wow , never seen that before , ive bent allot of them , but never broken:shake:
I dig the Spyder liner frames too.
I'm glad you got that overdrive working. It really makes for a super power train!
More mocking up this evening as parts I ordered while I was on the road for the past 2 days. I took a blind stab at the correct front brake caliper would fit and it was a perfect guess that a TYPE 810 from a Fastback worked. The bottom brake caliper for the rear is going to have to get some minor modifications to work. It seems to be a tad tall and the pads are too close to the top down tube. The rear calipers are Type 890A's. New Kenda K-40 street tire for the 24" front wheel. The chrome cleaned up very well. I am wait on the front derailleur and the seat to arrive. Once The braking and shifting are sorted out then I'll break it all down and start prepping for paint. Gotta hurry! WINTER IS COMING! :eek:


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