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If I can decide on 24 or 26, I'd like to go 1 3/8 rim and skinny tire. Give it a 70' motorcycle chopper vibe.
I've got a 26 x 1 3/8 front rim and tire from my 5 speed donor girl's bike that I would part with cheap. Almost used it on my Four-gone build, but went with 24 in front instead. Let me know....
I see you moved it so you're over the rear tire, what happened to the seat stays...looked like they went back on, but under the top bar, did you bend them? they complete the sweep very nicely...
The "hoop" or curved bars are still loose, have not welded them back up.

Im planning more frame mods, ratchet strap from the drop outs around the seat post. Bend the rear stays up. This will compress the back of the frame more to fit 20" rim. I want the frame tight on the rim like a 20" would be.

When I do this bend, then put the rear stays parallel to the ground it will kick out the head tube even more.
When that is complete I can see where to put the forks and if I use a 26 or 24 rim. This will set my height.
Idea taken from Warren build and detailed there.

The only issue I see is the seat tube will be layed way back, need to hang the seat and see if the seat tube needs to be cut free of the top tube and bent more vertical. Don't really wanna do that but if the build calls for it... well....I have plenty of welding wire.
Guys, I need a bike stand.

Spreading chainstay and needed a lever/bar that wouldn't dent the frame.

Straightened and squared everything up. With just the lower bars of the rear triangle attached, this is a flexible flyer.

I did have a little wobble in one of the chainstays, cut a little wood fixture to allow me to pull it straight with a clamp.
rear triangle compression, dropped it an inch, dropout to seat post on the angle.

Rear triangle dropped with banana mocked up at different heights. I think a rear fender will fill it in nicely. I like the lower seat, well see how it rides.

I had to use electrical conduit and a hose clamp as a seat post mock up. The seat tube on this bike is messed up, I may have warped it welding, hmm.
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On to the forks. I was unsuccessful using the conduit bender method.

So I looked around trying to figure out something to use.

Trailer hitch and a floor jack handle worked great. I highly suggest using the safety clips to hold the fork to the threaded rod, here. Dont ask. I'll do a how to sometime, the forks barely fit past the receiver, had to widen them, then pull them back in.

I'm liking it, the hoop bars are still loose so I can decide how to place them, I dont want to drop the fork any more. If I compress the rear triangle more it drops the cranks lower to the ground.

Thinking a larger slick tire, rear fender and banana sear will fill in the gap from rear wheel to seal post. I'd like to close it up but I'll end up with a very short crank - that's never good.
All looking very good! I like the dropped seat, mimics your curve of the frame well. A fatter tire in the rear with a fat fender will def take up the 'space'...and add to the look. And, if you go skinny 26" in the front, will balance it with a nice contrast even more.

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