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Jun 11, 2012
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Visalia, CA
I've grown to love Huffys. I restored a Rail for my son last MBBO and he loves it! I'm almost done restoring a Super Stock for a friend and it looks very cool. But, like all muscle bikes, they didn't make one for a guy like me. So... I have to make one for myself. A 26" Huffy Super Slingshot.

This is how it started, a 26" Huffy El Dorado


The concept and colors are based on this ad from 1969.


There will be a few differences, which will be necessary since a 26" version was never made. But, the concept will be to stay as true to the original as I can.

In the Rail version the tires were 20/16 (4" of difference). In the Super Stock version the tires were 24/20 (4" of difference). So in my version I managed to get the parts for a 22" front wheel to give me 4" of difference from the 26" rear.

Here's (most) the parts.


September 1st isn't until tomorrow for me, so I'm not going to touch it until then. I have my friend's Super Stock to finish... so I can stay busy.
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Gonna be another CRASH CLASSIC
Gonna be another CRASH CLASSIC
You hit the nail on the head King! Crash will once again be hard to beat!
Been waiting to see this beat with that awesome seat Crash!

Can already tell it's going to be an amazing build, and the colors are going to look really nice!
I like the idea of an adult size muscle bike,it's a good thing 22" wheels and tires are a little easier to find these days.
Wonder what the odds of finding a seat like that in black & green are:39:
That's a custom seat, and the guy who makes them is extremely busy at work. It took me a year to get 3 seats made, and I had to sell a child to afford them. But they are beautiful and worth it!
Looks great,definitely worth the wait.
Alright, got a small bit of work done today to actually kick off this build. The frame is originally from a 26" Huffy El Dorado which was a single speed bike. So, as seems be a reoccurring theme for me, I'm going to have to open the rear up to accept a bigger hub. Unlike the Monster Ray I did in MBBO2, this bike didn't come with a 36 hole 5-speed hub.
The good news: I had a new hub on hand.
The bad news: It's a quick release.
So... I busted apart an old 28h Shimano 333 hub (Like the ones that come on original Super Stocks, Rails & Slingshots) and used the axle.

Before (during the surgery... I remembered to grab my phone)


And after.


I have to get the rims cleaned up before I can lace.
A preview of some challenges. (Those of you who frequent the Muscle Bike forum may remember some of these discussions)

I'm going to use a Felt Shorty rear fender. But the brace on the frame doesn't allow for a brake or fender. So... I'm going to have to change the brace. (That's a Super Stock to the left)


Here's a Rail... which I may use build this type of brace.


The Flaming Stack chain guard is going to be an exceptionally tricky piece to this build. A Flaming Stack is not long enough for a 26" frame. So in order to make it fit correctly I need to extend it. That's going to require a cut, weld, a lot of smoothing, and chrome. Here are the two Stacks that will become one.



Actually, before anyone freaks out about cutting a perfectly good stack... this is the stack that will be used for the rear.


To make it a true Slingshot I'm going to use the spring portion of a Slingshot fork.


I'm going to hack off the legs and hack off the head tube and weld a the head tube from the frames original forks, and use portions of the original forks' legs to extend the length to accommodate the 22" wheel.

Man,I like the chrome over green. Maybe you can find a way to mount the chrome one over the green one instead of cutting and welding.
Man,I like the chrome over green. Maybe you can find a way to mount the chrome one over the green one instead of cutting and welding.
While I appreciate the enthusiasm, when I build large "one-off" muscle bikes I try to make them like they could have (should have) been built. So I want this custom Flaming Stack to look like the real thing, only longer.

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