Meet Virginia, Smooth Bahama Blaster, Lake Loafer, Pirate's Princess, Whiskey Girl

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I can't take her anywhere now!
Virginia's been feelin a little dainty. All skin and bones.
And I gotta agree. I want something I can hold onto with some cushion.

And get rid of that uppity snooty appearance.
Time for an attitude adjustment.

Get back towards that rough and ready Virginia that I first fell for.
Virginia's new shoes

Love the look. Haven't had them on the road yet. A little slower rolling, but more comfortable ride. And can really go into turns without slowing down much.
These are CST Rock Hawk 26x2.4 with EPS flat protection.
Mounting the tires on the rims was super easy.
Had to let the air out of the back tire to get it in the frame.
No issue with chain clearance. But I could've flipped the dished rear sprocket if needed.

This is probably about as close to a fat tire bike as I'll ever own. And these tires may end up on the Kona SS when the Crazy Bob's come in.

Just wasn't comfortable with the little road tires with the type of riding I do on this bike. Always was scared of the front end sliding out around tight corners off road. And I'm too old to be crashing much anymore.

If the new tires don't roll as fast or long, that's just an added benefit of extra exercise.;)

And I got an E-bike build I've been wanting to do in the near future that will be an on road mostly type bike. The 2.0 Greenguard Marathons will be perfect on it. Save battery life over the bigger tires.
Took'r down the road a piece and the ride was great. Smooth and quiet compared to most other nobbies I've used. And cushy too.
Almost like a larger version of the cruiser tires that came on this bike when I got it. But more off road grip and better mud shedding.

Loving the look and performance of the Rock Hawks so far.

Still need to get a front brake on this thing. And a smaller front sprocket.
At the trailhead.

It's 105 and Virginia has no water bottle holder or else we would've proceeded with no helmet, no front brake, and too high gearing.
Oh time we'll be more prepared.
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