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Spent some time today fabbing up a top plate/bracket for the fork. Then when I tried to glue them together with sparks the MIG wire wouldn’t feed. I need to either replace the gun liner for the MIG or give myself a crash course in TIG. Either way, what was meant to be half and hour of welding turned into about 1-1/2hr of faffing about trying to get the welding going.
I’ve put some filler around the fork weld and a dent in the frame then sanded some, but been a bit distracted from the build. I’ve been meaning to reassemble this old e-stay mountain bike, so finally got started.


Then today i picked up this Speedwell GTS in need of some lovin. I’m going to park it until the build off is done but couldn’t let it go.
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That fork is flowing well together.
No pics, but I got the frame and forks sanded ready for paint. The frame had a dent in the down tube that needed filler and the forks needed some filler where the brake mounts were ground off. If I’m lucky I’ll get a chance for some primer tomorrow.

Also playing with a prop bike for the photo shoot when (if?) the Pursuit Special gets completed.

I dropped (pressed) some headset cups into the frame so I could fit up he forks for the next phase. Messed up somewhere as there wasn’t enough steerer tube to fit the lock/top nut for the headset.

Solution: take to the head tube with a grinder and shorten it by about 4-5mm. Messed up the paint a little, but is a bit rough and ready anyway and probably needs another coat.
...or, it just looks like it's been ridden a bit. Which is what these bikes are ultimately for anyway, right?

Rough and ready; I like it!
Cool, I like the original mad max flair.
Now the paint is (mostly) finished its time to assemble. This is the other ‘prop’ bike not the build off entry, but I wanted to get some parts out of the way so I can get the Pursuit model assembled.

The front hub motor is working on this, but it was a bit hairy riding around without any kind of footrests or no braking.


Off it goes to the back of the garage and into the real build next.
Slow progress, but it is looking like a bike now. Don’t think I’m going to get enough time to complete ‘the vision’ but should get most of the way there.


Looked back over the thread and it seems I haven’t pointed this out. I widened the rear dropouts and added a disc mount to the frame. I was too keen to paint prior to test assembly, and now have a re-paint section because I needed to heat the chainstay to crimp it a bit for the disc rotor to clear it.

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