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Now that cooler weather is here I can finally enjoy wrenching . Micro Flo was stripped bare and primed and started mocking up. Bolted on higgins razor stem , wald handle bars , small coke bottle grips , Tricycle truss rods with higgins bracket and unknown vintage light with glass lens . Starting on rear next .
front mup.jpg
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Dig the 'beefy' look of that bike. That front wheel looks way bigger than 20" when there is nothing for comparison in the photo.

Will you leave it my favorite color, Primer Red? :grin:
I have a lot of body work ahead of me , but planing on black frame with red accents followed by 2K clear coat and with brick tires . The mock up wheels and tires are both vintage Schwinn items that were on it when I got it . I'll put them back in the parts bin .
Found a wheel that looks like it will have the right size spokes and a air cooled front hub off from a GT BMX to match the rear .

RaT oN and bring 'er home!
Almost done . Need to put head badge on ,finish strut mounts , install light and battery back . Water slide for chain guard should be here tomorrow . Also need to cut another link out of the chain . If I could just get that Colombo bike to stop flirting with her long enough to get her attention I could finish her up !
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