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Nov 23, 2010
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Re: badbitty

bad bitty is not a fixie, at time of the first photo it was a single speed. ive recently install a 2 speed sturmey kick back and that was the best thing ive could have done cuz the bike hauls ... now.
Re: badbitty

That is sweet... love the military themed bicycles. Hey Badbitty, what kind of chain is that?
Re: badbitty

that chain is from wal mart. bell i think. i wanted a gold looking one and 6.99$ well you cant beat that. as for the grips i went crazy and got 2 mac 10 barrel extensions from the gun show, not cheap but it was i was looking for. i would like some type of military looking headlamp, got any ideas?
Re: badbitty

gonna remove the canteen and put a tank made of purple heart wood. this going to be my next step. i also have an ammo box that goes on it but hells bells that thing is noisy. so i put it on only for looks at a show or contest.

Delta winner lights were used on military bikes but not sure its the look your going for. I think a ball light painted Olive drab would look pretty cool. I think I saw one in the for sale section.
Badbitty, Please check your messages.

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