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I had a look at a few of my regular frames and I don't get how is it supposed not to be in the way of the crankset or the chain or the tire. It looks like there is a very good reason why they never took off.
I think colorwise it matches your frame, doesn't look bad at all at the chain stays.
I still haven't lost hope to install mine though. Otherwise I have to bother selling it, setting up a seller's account etc...
Grips: ✅
View attachment 167091
Motostyle grips with polished alu rings

Shifter: ✅
View attachment 167093
Having doubt for the placement of the shifter.
Option 1
On the rear stayView attachment 167096

Option 2
Front side of the frameView attachment 167095
What do you guys think?
PS i have these also...
For mounting the outer cable to the frame
I got the electronic shifting working with some diy battery terminals made from a old headlightView attachment 167079View attachment 167080View attachment 167081
I made a video of it but it doesn't seem to upload..
Anyway, change of plans.. It's just too big and bulky, i don't like how it looksView attachment 167082View attachment 167083
It messes up the lines of the bike.
So yesterday i orderded a suicide shifter and a pair of grips
Maybe if you painted that shifter to look like a remora...

But seriously, the hot-rod shifter will be much cooler!
Great seat of your pants engineering on the Lepper :D
You'll like the shifter up front on the mid tubes much better. One other mid tube option is to mount it so that the shifter arm is in between the two tubes. You'll just have to place it so that you still have full range of shifting with the knob not hitting the top tube or headtube.
Good idea on painting that brassy mounting piece of the shifter. I don't know why they started doing that. The older s346 shifters had silver mounts that matched the shifter much better.
Nice work on flipping the shifter to take advantage of the cable guides. It will just be backwards order of shifting, but you'll get used to that early in your first ride.
I need to get busy, time is running out!
Hard to keep track of al the incredible builds going on!!😲
Didn't like the chrome handlebars so i sanded it and painted it black to match the fork. Satin black with clearcoat. Just a light sand with a scotch pad will be enough


Things i still need to do.
Mount the handle and grips.
Replace the quick release of the saddle with a bolt.
Paint the springer hardware, nuts and bolts.
Polish the cranks a bit more and clean the front rim.
Decide if i will use the chain guard or not. (I like it clean without it but i also don't like the unused tabs if i don't mount it).
When i decide to use it, it needs to be modified a bit to fit the front chainring.
Keep rollin, great additions!
Tik tok tik tok..
Only 4 days left guys!
I see a lot of builds picking up speed!
For me it's getting down to the small stuff, just painted the bolts and nuts of the springer. They were starting to rust since i used chemical stripper 🙈
Just soms spraypaint and a little brush does the trick

Sorry no before pics i was to eager when i found the little brush😅

I also had the original rear fender, but it was a bit corroded. Didnt know they used aluminum fenders. Didn't want to let the original pinstriping to disappear so i taped it of to see if i can blend it later with the clearcoat.

The paint is still wet here but it is satin black. Will give it clearcoat to make it a bit more glossy.
I will shoot some pics later today when it dried.
Striping came out nice!